Abscessed Tooth Home Remedies

An abscessed tooth is a common issue, especially in the kids. An abscessed tooth is an infected tooth with a bacterial infection inside the tooth and it is quite a painful situation. There are several reasons behind tooth abscess like chipped or broken tooth or poor oral hygiene.

When the tooth is broken or chipped, there becomes an accessible entrance for the bacteria, and there the bacteria starts growing and your tooth becomes infected or abscessed. If not treated well, the infection can reach the roots and bones of the tooth where it can generate pus, and the pus will cause severe pain.

A tooth abscess is a common problem, but the dentist must treat it. Proper dental treatment can give you better relief from a tooth abscess. If you don’t want to go directly to the dentist, there are some home remedies for tooth abscess that you can try at home before finally consulting the dentist. Here below, we’ll discuss some of the most effective and most economical home remedies for tooth abscess:

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Rinse With Salt Water

Salt is a natural infection killer. Since ancient times salt is used to kill bacteria and germs. It helps in healing infections. People use salt for various oral problem. In the case of tooth abscess, you can try this ancient treatment to get instant relief from toothache and infection.

All that you have to do is to take half a teaspoon of raw rock salt and mix it well in almost half a cup of warm water. Swish with this warm salty water for a couple of minutes so that the salt may reach deep inside the infected tooth and the gums.

After swishing, don’t swallow instead of spit this water out. You will feel better as it is a very effective treatment to reduce and eliminate toothache due to tooth abscess. Use this treatment for at least three times a day for faster healing from a tooth abscess.

Swishing With Baking Soda

Just like salt, baking soda is another substance that can be found in your kitchen quite easily. Baking soda is considered the best for various oral problems. It not only helps to kill bacteria, but it also helps in removing plaque from the tooth and make them sparkling white because of its bleaching properties.

The treatment of tooth abscess with baking soda is straightforward. Take half cup of water and put a pinch of salt in that. Now add half tablespoon of baking soda in that salty water. Mix it well and then swishing with this solution for about four to five minutes.

And after that spit this mixture out of your mouth and start again till the mixture in the cup finishes. Repeating this process for a couple of times a day can give you relief from tooth abscess in a couple of days.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is discussed in various ancient books and is practiced since ancient times in various South and East Asian countries. Yet there’s no scientific proof and reasons why it is effective, but it gives you relief from multiple oral health issues.

Now the question is which oil to use and which one is most effective for oil pulling for tooth abscess and other tooth problems? The answer is, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, or even sesame oil for oil pulling.

Oil pulling will not only pull out bacteria, plaque, and remains of food stuck between the tooth and gums, but it will help give you relief from swollen gums due to tooth abscess or infection. It will also reduce the intensity of toothache.

Take a tablespoon of any of the oil mentioned above in your mouth and swish for at least fifteen minutes. Swish thoroughly so that the oil may pull the germs and plaque from every part of your teeth and gums. After fifteen minutes of swishing, spit this oil out in the trash bin. Repeat this processes daily till you get relief from tooth abscess completely.

So, here above, we mentioned the most effective three ancient home remedies for tooth abscess. Hope these three home remedies will give you relief from the toothache and tooth abscess. If the problem doesn’t solve, you must consult the dentist because it’s not something to ignore.

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