Glowy Skin, Basic Eyes & Red Lips

Hey Beautifuls! ❤️ – Today, I’ve created a simple classic makeup with fresh and high-lighted skin, simple eye makeup and red lips. This tutorial also shows you how the base is gradually laid down for a complete makeup. You can choose to see the video or/and written manual below. All products used are listed at the bottom of the article.

Step 1 – Base

Always begin by cleaning your skin with products that are suitable for your skin type and rehydrate properly. In this tutorial, I will begin by using a green concealer that reduces red tones. Then I use a salmon-pink concealer that helps to hide dark rings under the eyes and then a foundation. Choose a foundation that is as close as possible to your own skin tone for best result. To get a more vibrant and fresh look, I’ll use a liquid concealer that is 2 tons lighter than my foundation.

Step 2 – Eyes

Then continue by filling in the eyebrows with a suitable color. I use a two-color palette for best result, and then use a concealer in the form of a pen to even out the bottom of my eyebrows. In this tutorial, I use an eyeliner that is like a pencil, because I think it is easier to have control of the tip. After that, I apply on black mascara on both the top and bottom eyelashes.

Step 3 – Face

I’ve chosen a pink, easy-to-touch rouge that I apply to my cheeks. How to apply your rouge depends a little on the face shape you have. Then I use a white color highlighter that I apply above the upper lip’s amorphous arc, on the nose and on the outer edges of the cheeks and up to the thawing. Finally, I’ll sweep a little bronzing powder over my face and down my neck.

Step 4 – Lips

The last step in my tutorial is to fill in my lips. I have chosen to use a lipstick in the form of a pen. Always begin by remoisturizing your lips if necessary, and fill in the outline and then the rest of your lips. Use paper to extract the surplus for a more sustainable result. In this tutorial, I’ll apply a red matt lip gloss to complete the look.

I hope that this tutorial has helped you and that it has given you new ideas on how to put your makeup. ❤️

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