5 Grooming Tips For Men – How To Shape Your Eyebrows

A couple of nice and styled eyebrows suit all people. But how do you do when you’re a guy so that it doesn’t look too feminine? In this article, I will give various tips about how to trim, pick, thread, and shape your eyebrows without an over-styled look.

What You Need To Fix Your Eyebrows

To style your eyebrow, you need a comb and small scissors. You’ll need good tweezers, a mirror, and good light. If you want to anesthetize the area you are going to process, you can use ice that you add to a freezer bag that you then hold against the area. Otherwise, there are stunning creams that can be used.

Grooming Tips For Men Eyebrows


Where Your Eyebrows Should Start And End

All eyebrows are different and that also means that your own eyebrows can be different. When you start, it’s important to remember that it looks unnatural if both eyebrows are exactly the same, so avoid trying to make them look completely the same. A couple of properly picked and well-cared eyebrows are best for a guy. If a guy over-style his eyebrows, it may look too feminine, and that is not the goal.

You can easily begin by taking a comb that you hold vertically from the centre of your nostril to the eyebrow. In this way, you can see where your eyebrow should start to fit your face best. If you have hair between your eyebrow, start by removing all the hair between your eyebrow and all the way down on the bridge of the nose.

If you want it to happen quickly, you can use facial hair removal wax that is for this very purpose. It may be good to wax if you have a lot of hair to remove between your eyes. You can plock the few hairs that remain after waxing.

Now it’s time to find the point where your eyebrows should end. You can use the comb that you place in a straight line from the nose towards the outer edge of your eye and up to the eyebrow. Any hair that is outside the point where the comb ends can be removed. Now that your eyebrows start and end where they should, it is time to move on to the next step.

How To Fix The Shape Like A Pro

To get a measure of where the top point of your eyebrows should be, take your comb and hold it straight from the nose tip to the edge of your iris and up to the eyebrow. After you find the point, go in and remove the hair under the eyebrows. So your eyebrows don’t look over-styled, you don’t plock the hair on the upper part of the eyebrows. That is often what makes the female look appear, and we do not want that.

Trim And Thin Your Bushy Eyebrows

Many guys have very long hair in their eyebrows. The best way to achieve a good result is to use small sharp scissors of good quality and your comb; a hair trimmer is not a good idea because it can do more harm than good in this case. You take the comb and comb upwards. Take the scissors and cut off the hair that stands up in long straw outside the comb.

How To Reduce Redness

To calm the skin after removing hair, you can use a sedative eye-gel to cool and hydrate the sensitive skin.

How To Shape Eyebrows Men


I hope these tips have given you ideas and inspiration to fix your eyebrows in a way that suits guys. If you’re interested in more articles related to styling and men, you’ll find more here on Makeup By Kili.

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