How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changes The Beauty Industry

Today, most of us want it to be quick and easy to find the right makeup, skin care and hair care products and they should preferably be tailored and be unique to each specific person. Our wishes can come true using AI.

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Artificial Intelligence In Makeup

An increasing number of makeup companies are bringing in artificial intelligence to be able to produce customised products for each unique person. One example of companies doing just that is My Beauty matches. They provide tailored recommendations to consumers that match each consumer’s skin type.

Another company that uses AI is Sephora, which through an advanced app helps people to produce a perfect matching foundation. This is amazing because it can be quite difficult to find a perfect foundation.

There are also some apps where a person can apply makeup and try all sorts of combinations before a possible purchase. You upload a selfie and can then try hundreds of different products such as lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, Rouge etc. When you have found what you want, you can buy them directly in the app.

Skin And Hair Care Through AI

Through artificial intelligence, you can develop customized products through different types of analyses. These analyses used by, for example, Curology examines a person’s skin type, goal and history and can be matched with tailored products.

There are also apps that, for example, through a selfie analyzes the skin and offers there for specific skin products within a specific brand.

In hair care, AI can analyze hair types, targets, hair structures and other parameters to then produce the ingredients that are most suitable for each unique person. A company that makes use of such analyses is Function Of Beauty (FoB).

AI And Perfumes

There are also companies in the perfume industry that use artificial intelligence to produce personalized fragrances. A company that for this is ScrentTrunk as customized products are then sent directly to the consumer. You can also create a personalized perfume for a gift to someone you love.

Most Beautiful In The world?

Through the AI, today, through, you can find out how beautiful you are here in the world. It can be done through a selfie that you upload where you must not have makeup, sunglasses or beards if you are a man. When you have uploaded her selfie, it is a robot jury that assesses even the appearance of algorithms.

These algorithms include wrinkles, the symmetry of your face, color, gender, age and ethnicity, as well as other parameters. Then you can actually say that traditional beauty pageants are not needed anymore because the most beautiful in the world is published publicly.

Technology In The Beauty Industry

The fact that you have taken AI when creating different tools in the beauty industry is really cool. One such product is Magic Mirror which through artificial intelligence allows a customer to try products in front of the mirror without applying the product to the skin. You simply hold up the product and “VIPs” so you can see how the makeup looks on one yourself. You can also get help to complete a whole look that fits one by suggestion from the mirror and then you get out a list of products for purchase.

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It’s amazing how technology can help in the beauty and makeup industry. After all, it is one of the largest and fastest growing industries so some help on the stack is great for maximizing customer experiences and customer satisfaction.

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