How To Design A User-Friendly e-Commerce Shopping Cart?

With the popularity of online shopping, the demand for an e-commerce website is growing immensely. The introduction of the latest technologies has made it quite easy to create a perfect e-commerce shopping cart for users. With the growing demand, software development companies are constantly focusing to build the best e-commerce mobile app with a shopping cart and simple checkout process.

Functioning shopping cart system in e-commerce is important as a customer always review their products in the cart before proceeding to the billing. Below are the tips on how to design a user-friendly e-commerce shopping cart:

Design User Friendly Ecommerce Shopping Cart


Mini Carts And Full Page Carts

Shopping carts are provided in two forms including a full-page cart contained with its own page and a mini cart that is located in the sidebar of the page. Some e-commerce app developers prefer to include both.

Mini shopping carts show information like number of items in the cart without taking away the entire page and a link from the mini cart when clicked takes the user to the full page cart that shows full information of the product such as product image, price, quantity, edit item, payment and shipping option, tax prices and other matching products.

Checkout- Step-By-Step

Providing a step by step process makes checkout easy for customers. Usually, the checkout process is performed in four steps including sign-in, billing, shipping, payment and edit option. To build the best ecommerce mobile app a well-structured process is necessary and designing step-by-step checkouts.

Other than the step-by-step process, another option is to design a single page including personal information, shopping cart, and billing/shipping information. This single page checkout process can work well if done in a good layout. Tables can also be included on a single page checkout process with the detailed purchase information below on the page.

Link From Mini To Full Cart

While building a shopping cart there are numerous features that impact customer experience. For instance, there should be a proper icon alongside a mini cart that can draw customer’s attention and on clicking take customers to the full cart. The icon should be such that customers can understand its purpose without the written content and can easily recognize its function.

Designing Checkout And Add To Cart Buttons

While designing the e-commerce website including shopping cart and checkout, it is important to include easy to access links for customers to guide them through the checkout process. In order to build the best e-commerce mobile app and enhance customer experience, it is important to ensure that the buttons contain clear and understandable icons and texts such as ‘continue to checkout’ or ‘add to cart’. Well styled and well-placed buttons with proper text and icon can help customers to buy the product from the e-commerce website and complete the purchase process.

Readable Table-Based Layout

Table based structure always works best for designing a full shopping cart. The layout should display the information using standard fonts and font size while avoiding the use of complex background. Using the strong border to separate cells is also a good idea, moreover, the information in the shopping cart table should be easy to see without any distraction from complex design or styling.

Easy to read a table containing all the important elements are necessary. The image of the product gives a customer a visual of what they are buying and help customers confirm that the purchased product is the same that they intended.

Link To Continue Shopping

The link to continue shopping should also be provided that can bring customers back to the catalog and store. The ‘Continue Shopping’ option is usually placed under the shopping cart table as customers can easily find it there. To build the best e-commerce mobile app, the developer needs to focus on every minute details on the e-commerce website to offer better customer experience.

Minimum Input Fields

Avoiding too many input fields in the e-commerce platform is necessary as it becomes annoying for customers to fill the unnecessary amount of input fields. Also, if customers do not find it convenient they will not visit the site again to purchase products. Keeping the input fields minimum along with the header for each section makes it easy for customers to complete the process.

Providing Help Elements

There are times when customers are not able to understand or find any particular thing on the e-commerce app or website, hence, including help elements in the e-commerce site is important. To build the best e-commerce mobile app, developers are focusing on including tips on how to use various features in the shopping cart and also explaining the checkout process.

The site should also include categories of the products to make it easy for customers to search for items such as shoes, clothes, perfumes, toys, books, accessories, bags, etc. moreover, in the checkout page, sample text also known as explanatory sample text can also be included to help the customer to know as to what is to be filled in input fields.

Today, e-commerce website demand is growing massively with the popularity of online shopping hence to build the best e-commerce mobile app, software development companies and developers are focusing on adding new and engaging features and designs also with the simple process of buying the product. User interface with clear text, icons and hassle free checkout process is the key focus area of developers.

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